The International Syrian Industrial Exhibition
Hand in hand to support Syrian industry

Throughout its previous editions, The International Syrian Industrial Exhibition, imposed itself as a distinct annual economic activity that provides a meeting place for the different parties involved in the Syrian industrial sector (Industrialists, Experts, Technicians, Specialists, Engineers, Importers, Exporters, Industrial Public Sector, Decision Makers, Quality Control Specialists, Production Managers and Purchasing Managers). It is also a place where the latest and most important products, services, and technologies are displayed by local and international manufacturers and suppliers to those who are interested in providing the needs of the coming phase of reforming and reviving the Syrian industrial sector.


Before the war on Syria in 2010

Before the war on Syria in 2010, the industrial sector contributed with 17% of the Syrian GDP, and the number of public and private industrial establishments was in the hundreds of thousands, including textile, food, and heavy and medium factories, but the war led to huge material losses in this sector, leading to the loss of years of development and significant losses in trained human resources, which puts Syrian industrialists in face of very difficult circumstances and challenges on one hand, and on the other hand putting them in an opportune situation to invest in the coming period of openness and huge potential.


the 8th edition of the International Syrian Industrial Exhibition

Today AGE for Exhibitions and Conferences is preparing to launch the 8th edition of the International Syrian Industrial Exhibition from 04 – 08 / June / 2024, at Damascus Fairground, Syria, paving the way for the exhibition to be a real partner in the industrial revival process of Syria, and enabling public and the private industrial establishments of all specializations to support Syrian industries as industry is a main factor that plays part in contributing to the GDP, creating jobs, and opening investment and export opportunities for Syria.